Digital materials for print and cut

THERMO-TRANSFER FILMS FOR PRINT AND CUT. Our proposal for Solvent, Ecosolvent printing



DIGITAL INVITE LIGHT is our TOP MATERIAL. It is mixed PU/COPES film, 90 microns thickness on a slightly adhesive polyester support.

Digital Invite Light Glitter Silver

DIGITAL INVITE LIGHT GLITTER SILVER is our new material with the same features of DIL but with a glitter silver coating , giving to all colors a metallic effect.

Digital Sublistop

DIGITAL SUBLISTOP is one of our pu/copes materials with a particular stratification. Its thickness is 140μm.

Digital Extra White

DIGITAL EXTRA WHITE belongs to our family of 100% PU thin materials for the solvent, ecosolvent and Latex printing industry. It is only 70 microns and it is available in two versions: MATT and GLOSS.

Digital Extra Clear

DIGITAL EXTRA CLEAR is 100% PU transparent film. SUPER-MATT, MATT and GLOSS are the three versions available on non adhesive polyester.

Digital Extra Special

DIGITAL EXTRA SPECIAL is a material made of 100% PU. The material thickness varies from 80 to 130 microns.

Digital Invite

DIGITAL INVITE is a mixed PVC/PU matt effect material. The thickness is 160 microns on a polyester adhesive.

Invite 120

DIGITAL INVITE 120 is a mixed PVC/PU matt effect material.

Screen print dark on paper

SCREEN PRINT DARK is our material, whose aim is the one of imitating the screen-print effect.

Screen print clear

SCREEN PRINT CLEAR is our new material, whose final aspect should be the one of the screen printing industry


D-GEL is our new digital printing – foam material for solvent, ecosolvent and latex machines, that gives your logos originality and uniqueness.


UVIGEL is our new proposal for the new UV technology.

Digital Reflex

DIGITAL REFLEX is a solvent and ecosolvent material made up of metallized micro-beads having extremely high refraction power.


UVIPRINT is our new solution for users of the new UV tecnologies.