Flex - materials for cut

Discover our wide range of products ideal for applications on different fabrics: nylon, cotton and polyester.

Flex Carbon

CARBON FLEX is our new carbon effect polyurethane article, available in 11 colours, (7 pastel and 4 metallic colours)

Flex Classic

FLEX CLASSIC is our TOP MATERIAL for cutting. The material is available in many colours with a matt surface. The composition is 50% Polyurethane and 50% Copes.

Flex Classic Metallic

FLEX CLASSIC METALLIC We offer a wide range of metallic colours with matt effects. Try them to make your t-shirt unique and original!

Flex Classic Sublistop

FLEX CLASSIC SUBLISTOP has been made with a crystalline layer that prevents the sublimatic migration of colour throughout the fabric.

Flex Soft Shell

FLEX SOFT SHELL is our new flex material that gives an easy solution to both colour migration problems and difficulty…


F-GEL is our foam material that gives your logos originality and uniqueness.

Flex Spesso

FLEX SPESSO is a new proposal that allows similar solutions to Flex Gel material. Flex Spesso, with its 500 microns thickness…

Flex Nylon

FLEX NYLON is our material recommend for the application on nylon fabrics such as k-ways, nylon jackets and umbrellas.

Flex Reflex

FLEX REFLEX consisting of metallized micro-beads having extremely high refraction power.

Flex Linea Matt

FLEX LINEA is our economic PU material for cutting, suitable for numbers in the sports field (and not only) with a semi-matt surface.

Flex 230

FLEX 230 is a PVC/PU material. It has a 230 microns thickness. Very suitable for mesh fabrics.

Flex Classic Fluo

FLEX CLASSIC FLUO are made with a fluo coating.

Flex Classic Glitter

FLEX CLASSIC GLITTER are made with a glitter coating.

Flex Classic Glossy

FLEX CLASSIC GLOSS are made with a glossy coating.

Flex Shine

FLEX SHINE is a cutting material made with a metallic gloss layer.

Crazy Flex

Crazy Flex is the new cutting Plotterfilms article. Printed Latex in high definition, with different themes and patterns, gives a touch of originality, well binding to any theme, from classic to current.

Soft Mirror

SOFT MIRROR is a cut material, whose peculiarity is a polished mirror foil.

Flex Mirror

FLEX MIRROR is a gold and silver foil with a MIRROR AND POLISHED FINISHING.

Flex Paillettes

FLEX PAILLETTES is a cutting material made with a crystal iridescent layer with a RAINBOW EFFECT.

Flex Luminous

FLEX LUMINOUS is a cutting material with LUMINESCENT EFFECT. It glows in the dark.